XTZ Divine 100.49


These XTZ 100.49 speakers at $6995 are just incredible sound/value. There are only a few speakers in the world utilizing the Accuton C173-T6-90 $900 drivers. The XTZ has these as world class midranges, 2- 10" Seas woofers and a German Visaton tweeter in a 140 pound solid cabinet. The crossover use Mundorf parts among many other high quality parts in a great design that just gets out of the way of the music. There are many stellar reviews on these. Call us at Clearsound Audio here in the USA, Long Island, NY to set you up with XTZ products. The 100.33 speakers are running here now on Carver mono block 180's, dehavilland Ultraverve preamp and more... The XTZ speakers sing, lifelike, yet not at all sterile. Plenty of dynamics and presence. An absolutely incredible bargain.
In stock and available now! Divine 100.49 is the new flagship from XTZ.
A full-grown 3-way speaker using state of the art components, built without compromises.
The Divine is equipped with "Top of the Line" drivers as XTZ wanted to prove that it is possible to build speakers that do not have to cost a fortune even if it contains the most expensive components.

XTZ Divine is built around the mid-range C173-T6-90 by German Thiel & Partner (Accuton).
The tweeter is a ceramic dome tweeter from German VISATON.
Woofers are 10" units with aluminum cones from Norwegian Seas.
XTZ Divine is prepared for fully active drive, but naturally it works very well with the regular passive filters as well.Size: Height: 123 cm, Width: 42,3 cm, Depth: 60 cm

Weight: 70kg/Each
Sensitivity: 89dB
Cross over: 250 Hz & 2500 Hz
Color: Black Piano & Walnut
These speakers can be tuned by several adjustments for the tweeter, and various bass port tuning configurations to mate to your gear and room. They can be run with internal high quality included passive crossovers, or are all set up for external amping. You can run digital amps on the woofers and tube amps on the mid and tweeter with total room control!

Please call to go over details and set up an audition.