XTZ Divine 100.33


The XTZ 100.33 monitors are set up and singing here at Clearsound Audio. These are some very well done monitors. The value is through the roof! Each Accuton driver is a $400 driver, 2 per cabinet with the top Visaton tweeter. The crossover WORKS! The speaker is dynamic, full of natural energy, powerful, large, very heavy.. at 60 pounds each, each optional matching stand weighs 40 pounds and can be sand filled.
On stands 46" high, speaker is 23.75" high, 16.5" deep, 10" wide. They are Lookers, high quality solid double walled, and triple braced cabinets, Piano Black or Rosewood finish. $3995 brand new sealed for the pair. Matching stands are 795 a pair. Call for info - Clearsound Audio, an exclusive offering of the full XTZ line .
These fill a room with music, yet they disappear...

Please call to go over details and set up an audition.