deHavilland Model 50A Mono Amplifier


Design Highlights:

* Unique Interstage Transformer Drive. Full Triode mode and 45 watts.
* Twin Tube Rectifiers. Sweetness of tube rectification, and very soft start.
* Choke Input Power Supply . Old School voltage regulation without fragile transistors.
* Paper and Oil Signal Capacitors.
* Tube Regulated Bias Voltage Supply. Easy and stable bias setting with onboard meter.
* Point-to-Point Wiring . Old School hardwired audio circuitry.
*Heavy Duty Chassis .Fabricated from CNC machined parts-- from solid billet aluminum.
*Conservative Operation of Power Tubes. KT88/6550 tubes operate well below
maximum ratings. Easy on the tubes.
* Cardas Speaker Binding Posts

Design Summary

*40 Watts RMS Output, 4, 8 ohms .
*Dual tube rectifier, high current power supply, very soft starting
*Choke Input power supply
*Interstage transformer final signal drive
*Triode wired KT88 output stage
*Tube regulated bias power supply
*Onboard bias meter
*Dimensions 17-1/4"L x 9-3/8" W x 9-1/2" H, Weight 42 lbs.

Tube Complement:

2x KT88 (6550, 6L6GC, 1614, Kt90 are direct substitutes in the 50A )


2x 6CG7

2x 6CL6

2x 6CK3 (9-HP pin basing)

Please call to go over details and set up an audition.