Ayon CD-7s

Ayon CD-07s Features:

  • Full-featured true balanced Top Loader CD-Player
  • Real Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced
  • 2 x 5687 triode tubes
  • High quality tube sockets
  • Purist design and shortest possible analog signal paths
  • Warm up function – extends tube life time
  • Burr Brown D/A converter (2 x 1796)
  • Upsampling 24bit/192kHz and on/off switchable
  • Modified suspension system to isolate the CD-transport from mechanical vibrations
  • Anti-vibration magnetic integral CD-clamp system combined with dark acrylic
  • Fine quality passive components used in all applications
  • Separate voltage regulators
  • MOS-FET's for tube anode-voltage regulation
  • MKP capacitors
  • Noiseless R-core power transformer
  • Separate analog output stage for left and right channel
  • AC Phase control indicator
  • Digital input - USB
  • Digital output - S/PDIF
  • IPOD docking station
  • 2 Analog output ( RCA <javascript:void(0)>  & XLR )
  • Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
  • Beautifully crafted high grade aluminium-brushed and anodized chassis
  • Display dimmer & mute function
  • Heavy duty RCA <javascript:void(0)>  gold-plated output jacks
  • Absorber aluminium feet with superior damping characteristics